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Who We Are

Hello! We are Nate, Nichole, and Theo - the family behind Intuitive Craftworks.


What We Do

We specialize in turning a house into your home.

Consultation, IKEA furniture assembly, structural repair, trim carpentry, and anything in between.

We're here to help make the world a little better! (at least yours)


Why We Do It

Our business was created out of a desire to spend more time as a family and to fill a need that we saw in the Charlotte area. Over the years we often found ourselves going back after service 'professionals' to complete the job properly. After the birth of our son Theo, we realized that Nate's job as a travelling sales manager was no longer a good fit for our family. Nate wanted to be around for all those precious moments as our son grew up! With Nate's training in Construction Management and mechanically inclined mind, we decided to bring our skills to the market. In 2018 Nate resigned from his position, and Intuitive Craftworks was born.

Why Us?

Frustrated with the available options, I quit my job to give you more.

Tired of spending good money on disposable things and sub-par service? Us too.

Rest assured that you have come to the right place!

We believe in supporting local and preserving this world for the next generation. We are committed to using locally sourced and environmentally conscious materials whenever possible.

Nate's Journey to Founding Intuitive Craftworks

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Handmade in Belmont


North Carolina



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